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The Property Auction House launched its new website in November 2021.

Julie: Having been involved with property auctions for 14 years and having managed a very successful auction house, I was always intrigued by the potential of auctioning properties online. With the onset of Covid it became apparent it was far more beneficial than first thought.

I was at the forefront of the move to the online platform and the future couldn’t be more exciting. With so many ideas about refining the efficiency of the online auction process it was the right time to take the plunge. I have always thrived on getting vendors the absolute best for their property and look forward to putting my experience in to practice.

Rob: Having worked in the property industry for nearly 20 years I understand the highs and lows of Property Investment. After a bad experience I set up a house buying firm to help prevent people having the same terrible experience I did at the hands of ruthless investment firms.

Whereas cash buying is certainly helpful to some, in most cases there is more to be gained from opening the property opportunity to a wider audience. When I learned about the online auction method, I realised that this is a better way of getting more exposure for the vendor and hence more for their property. When I found out a friend of many years and a very successful auctioneer was considering a new challenge, I didn’t think twice about jumping in.